Hijaz Leathers Pvt Ltd.

Hijaz Leathers Pvt Ltd., is a 30 years old company engaged in the manufacture and exports of finished leathers. This company owns two modern tanneries in the town-Vaniyambadi situated on the Chennai-Bengaluru Highway. The production capacity of these two tanneries is about 10 Million Sq Ft of finished leathers per annum. Raw materials are sourced from Africa, Middle East, New Zealand etc., apart from the domestic market. It also owns a glove making factory which employs about 250 skilled workers and has a capacity to produce about 40000 pairs per month. The main exports are to countries like Japan, South Korea, China, Italy, Spain, UK etc.

Kuroda Company Ltd.

One of our old and reliable customers is Kuroda Company Ltd., Japan. They own 3 factories in Shanghai, China and are engaged in the manufacture and exports of Fashion Gloves, Sports Gloves and other knitted accessories. The company is 40 years old. Kuroda Company Ltd., had been buying finished leather and leather gloves from Hijaz Leathers Pvt Ltd., for the past 6 years. Now both of them have decided to start a joint venture company. Now the production has started in the old factory premises which was run by Hijaz Leathers Pvt Ltd earlier. This Joint Venture Company has purchased a piece of land on the Chennai-Bengaluru National Highway near Vaniyambadi and has started building a new factory which will be compliant to all the regulations of the corporate social responsibility.

Dedicated skilled work force

Our designers have a passion to design new models for different markets. The cutters have a skill to apply austerity during cutting and sewers are experts in selecting the right seam at the right place to add fashion and fitting. The people at the finishing section give final touches to bring that aesthetics and fabulous look.

A rich product with an excellent craftsmanship

Along with good raw material and modern technology, Hijaz Kuroda Gloves has a strong skilled workforce that produces 30000 pairs of Fashion Gloves per month. To maintain global standards in its products and an efficient team, the employees are trained by Japanese Technicians. A group of 250 people striving to give warmth to your hands. It is our growing endeavor to give the best quality at the price you can afford and at the time you need. The leathers used in the manufacture of gloves are sourced from African countries and processed in the tannery of Hijaz Leathers Pvt Ltd. Different types of lining materials like fleece, acrylic, woollen, cashmere, silk etc., are used to give warmth and comfort. The production is done under the supervision of Japanese technicians.